The Complexity of Death

by suicidallyanonymous

The nauseating consistence
of vertical chrome-lemon lines
racing my mind to the stoplight,
should’ve been proof enough
-a warning.

Jagged velvet-toned crystals
highlight cracks in asphalt
around white vignettes.


Looking down
through cracked spectacles
at despondencey:
I’m wishing that I too
could underline
the spiderwebbing blemish
of perfection;
the complexity of death…

There’s nothing back there
but the forged signature
of corpses –existant;
once upon a catastrophe,
once upon the span
of ten hours ago.

I can’t say
slow-motion figure eights
and snapshots of my polaroid reality
pooled in a puddle
of cataclysmic emotions,
but the record did scratch
at the resounding deathblow.

Brakes and tires
potholing paved streets
with angel hair intestines,
jellybean galbladders,
and stewed lungs.

I don’t want nightmares,
but what if I forget
the pleasantries,
the ecstacies,
the family?

Because the world has adopted
a brand-new mindset,
and the shimmer of infatuation
-with myself-
has fizzled out.

My name… is irrelevant,
because there’s nothing but regret here.
And I’ve got blood on my hands.
And the memories lie dormant
on the license plate
of his crumpled luxury car.

How do I say goodbye?

2 Comments to “The Complexity of Death”

  1. Love this modern poem.

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