Christmas Sparkle

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

People crowding the streets,

hunting for gifts and treats

just in time for Christmas day.

Jumping from store to store

constantly wanting more.

In every window display,

bright and colourful lights

on Christmas Trees invites

passer bys to come and stay.


Shops close as evening falls,

folks head home with their hauls,

crunching their way through the snow,

cautious on icy roads,

balancing heavy loads.

Each night see the city glow,

it drops a few degrees,

everything starts to freeze,

a sparkling, glittering show.



3 Comments to “Christmas Sparkle”

  1. Xmas sparkle but a busy time for everyone.

  2. Thanks for the comments 😀 Christmas is always so busy it seems to fly by!

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