Purpose of Life

by Venkat

From my archive…

To some, life is love

A way to happiness

To some, a white dove

An inner peace to bless

To some, life is power

A chance to command

To some, a fragrant flower

With nature and woodland

To some, life is a battle

An urge to prove

To some, a warm candle

Light to the bereft behoove

To some, life is discovery

Exploring to the limit

To some, a journey

With hardships to the summit

Many shades of meaning

Man’s heart sought

His obsession, his weening

Life’s purpose in his thought

Alas! He questions

The grand ocean of life

Unable to rid his pretensions

Leading his way through strife

To define life, an attempt

Drawing a boundary in his mind

Blind to others with contempt

A result he does not really find

Man’s walk with a blinder

A futile idea, a hollow stature

Life’s essence, an endless border

A space of infinite nature


4 Comments to “Purpose of Life”

  1. to some, It is a problem that becomes more complex with more knowledge..
    very nice poem. :]

  2. Life is a battle to the end.

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