by elamany


Insert your knife

Go deeper and deeper

Do not stop

Just kill and slowly do it

Can’t you just see

That whole emptiness

That hole you made in me

the moment you carelessly left

A moment

my heart will not forget

The moment


hated you

Deeply and furiously



Everlasting hate

I never knew

I hate you  I hate you  I hate you

With all my heart I do …

that I have no time

to forget you

Shall one day


will stop hating




© elamany


All rights reserved


6 Comments to “I HATE YOU”

  1. A poem of hate! I love it because the poem is accompanied by a picture that speaks of love. I love the contrast.

    • thanks a lot Shashi Moore, actually if you read to the end you will get the meaning >>> a strong love coming (may be) to an end, but still love is present. Thanks.

  2. magically resembles to my feelings. superb poem. thank you.

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