Friend revealed

by Devina

Raindrops came down

Like a shower of lead bullets

Mingled with the brine spill

From mine eyes and soaked into my soul

But dried up before they reached the roots

The thunder and bullets



Deep inside there is a drought

No rain nor tears could quench

You left me barren and hollow

Spoiled any chance of love and trust

I had to offer a body in this miserable world

Why did you go?


You were my friend

Best of the best and the only

One a girl could bear her true self to

Yet you eagerly took and took

For you own selfish ends

And left me like a wilting dandelion,

Destroyed …almost.


I smiled and welcomed the hurricane

But to you, friend, I am grateful

Your peacock plumage was plucked

And I see you for what you are beneath

Nothing but a soulless mite

Steeped in spite


You opened my eyes

And ‘fore yours I shall bloom again

As I stand in the eye of the storm

And let the lightening spark hope in me

And the wind to kindle my brewing rage

‘Twas no dandy you’ve blown

Now you’ll see the oak and

Feel my roots snaking ’round

Sinking you into the ground.


© Devina S.


7 Responses to “Friend revealed”

  1. Like a beautiful phoenix:) Is is nice to see a broken heart poem speak hope.I also like the opening imagery of a shower of lead bullets,heavy and powerful.


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