by Worldly Winds


My love affair with Yorkshire,

is strange to the extreme,

the rain comes down in stair rods,

as puddles turn to streams.

Flint faced buildings stand proud,

the natives just the same;

hard with a directness,

reflecting poverty’s pain.

‘Aye up love’, and ‘Ta duck’,

a mantra of the North,

a warmth and loyal passion,

found around the hearth.

Depleted coal face scenery,

ghost towns from the past,

mine the depths of politics,

betrayed by bluest lass.

Coal-dust mottled snowscapes,

contrast the wuthering heights,

bleak outstanding wilderness,

the slag heap moors by night.

My soul belongs in Yorkshire,

with Brontë, Hughes, and Moore,

this northern heart keeps beating,

‘til death doeth close the door.

© Yorkshire 30.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


10 Comments to “Yorkshire”

  1. Lovely Alex, you have got across what the landscape looks like.

  2. This is great. I’m from Yorkshire, near Leeds and you describe it so well.

    You mentioned the phrase “aye up” which brought back a memory. Many years ago on a Danish exchange visit between schools, one of my friends actually said this phrase and one of the Danish visitors was very offended and asked why he had called his friend a yup!

    • Thank you very much – phew, I’m glad I did it justice!

      Haha at the ‘yup’ story! The strong Yorkshire dialect can be very confusing for those not in the know!!

      I once got caught out at work when someone was telling me that an object was covered in oils. After washing the object several times and still getting the same response, my boss finally told me he was talking Yorkshire ‘oils’ (holes). Doh! Who knew!!!


  3. Ha ha!, that’s so funny!

    Its actually nice to come across someone so local. Embarking on the internet world is a wonderful experience and I am meeting so many people from all over the world. But sonehow everything I am involved with seems to have far more people from Canada and America. And meeting peope on here from the UK is becoming quite a novelty! Sounds daft doesnt t!! Lol

    Anyway I am now following your blog. Bring on all that’s Yorkshire!! 🙂


    • Hi Christine
      I am experiencing the same response as you. I think I know of only six or so writers that I am in regular contact with on the net – my other ‘regulars’ are in different continents!

      I’m also finding it difficult to find local poetry groups, they seem to be an elusive bunch. I think they are hiding with the unicorns in the Peaks somewhere!!
      So it is great to bump into another local lass 😀


  4. Two Yorkshire Ladies meet, isn’t that great 🙂

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