Drifting Away.

by willowdot21

http:// .fineartamerica.com/

She was used to that look now. It no longer held any foreboding. Strange, one day she had just looked up and seen it and it had had no effect. No knotting in the stomach, no need to go and pee.

Suddenly she was untouchable, his words just bounced off of her. Nothing got through , it was such a relief it was liberating. She no longer felt the need to go out, there  was no need to get up or even wash. What was the point she no longer had anywhere to go. Her friends had long since dissipated  seen off and dispensed with by his silver tongue.

She no longer felt the need for food any more, no it was easier to just not bother . Slip away silently slip away further and further each day.

No she was not stupid in fact she was a  highly  educated woman……. but that was years ago………. before. No need to dwell no need to think things out, that was too hard it takes too much energy. No it would be simpler to just give in now . Close her eyes shut out the pain and drift away …………… It should not be long now.

3 Comments to “Drifting Away.”

  1. We don’t know who you are, can you please tick your name in categories 🙂

  2. Thank you Willow and thank for posting.

  3. No worries Harry sorry I forgot to check! I do try to post once a week! 😉

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