My Two Cents

by Venkat

A rain, no cloud

Smoke, no fire

My silence, so loud

A dream, no desire

In a world bipolar

My voice unheard

A road too far

Lurch as a drunkard

Welcome to my life

A one-sided world

Depressed in strife

Lying down curled

Throttled by opinion

Double-edged thought

No one as companion

Alone when I fought

Numb by fears

Wounded in heart

Forlorn for years

A spirit fallen apart

Let this heart glow

Do not deprive

Don’t stop the flow

Let my feelings arrive

It is by denying

The world broke

Kindness dying

Going up in smoke

Man, gravely incorrect

A closed ear, a crime

You may interpret

Not every time

Write this in ink

You’d need often

When I’m sober, think

Otherwise listen

~ Venkat

2 Comments to “My Two Cents”

  1. I read in the poem, that its about the disaster in the chemical works ?

  2. No. Rather a disaster by imbalanced brain’s chemicals! I mean the agony that some people go through from mental illnesses. The neglect of the world out there that they have to suffer with.

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