Of Life

by Devina

(Via marcandangel.com)

What is this phenomena

Man has pondered upon

Across time

This mysterious force

Still confounds us

Like how simple things elude us

Its purpose is also hideously uncomplicated

But at the same time convoluted

What is life

But a chance

A gift

A blank canvas

With a palette

And a paint brush

Thrust into our hands

At the very instant

Of our existence

For us to paint our destinies


Life is an event

That progresses in accordance

With our decisions born of

Our loyalties born of

Our beliefs

Of who we are


Life is emotion

It is how we act

And how we react

Life is when we laugh

And when we cry


Life is when we get hurt

It is when we choose

To cower

To accept defeat,

To continue as a victim

Life is when we choose to rise

Up to the challenges

It is when we look at failure in the eye

When we accept it, but never defeat

Life is when we learn from them

And move on as the wiser man


Life is a kaleidoscope

Of colours and textures

A complicated web of events and outcomes

Life is the known

Life is the unknown

Life is unlimited

But essentially,

Life is what you make it.

© Devina S.

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