Taxidermied Heart

by suicidallyanonymous

I’m sitting here on railroad tracks
drawing blood with
a heart-shaped crayon;
scraping bursts of cherry
across the rusted metal railing.

These tracks stretch past
sheets of chainlink
fencing off your taxidermied heart;
this is the closest you’ll let any girl
to the core of your granulated spirit.

You were hurt once;
the heartstrings employed
to stitch gaping wounds
-inflicted by despair-
left ugly scars.

I’ve been here watching as you rot
in the confines of your prison,
as girls pass by with glitter in their pupils,
hoping to flash a doe-eyed glance
to capture your anguish in their fingertips.

They didn’t care wholeheartedly
as much as I did.

They’re throwing skeleton keys
into your graveyard of abstraction,
eager to disentangle your past.
Because deep inside they’re demons,
waiting to barb their lethal darts.

For every burnt-strawberry blemish,
a padlocked plastic heart
-insusceptible to change,
is hooked around each wire link.
A new defense mechanism added
to fend off prying eyes,
but you really meant to shut me out.

You let me in for half a moment,
but you bared too little for just a taste,
the unknown scratches at my wrists.

Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one
to know the lock on the door
has changed?

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