Winter’s Breath

by Tiffany Layne

The first arrival is later and later each year
Still, I wait for frosty nights to become the norm
Winter’s breath comes whispering through
and somehow the chills keep me warm
Even though twenty years have passed between us
Since the last time we shared that moonlit cold
It still takes me right back to that moment
When you were almost mine to hold
I open the window just to feel the chilly breeze
But I can’t replace the smell of the salty air,
I can only let the moonlight flood through my curtain,
Close my eyes and pretend that you’re still here.
Missing you never does get any easier,
Every season’s change sends reminders of our love,
But the winter and the salt air, that’s how I fell for you,
So when the cold air blows I can never get enough…

One Comment to “Winter’s Breath”

  1. I like the imagery and the longing this poem evokes!


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