failure – poem

by billgncs

Is it worth it, even if we fail?

if never man had thought and dreamed
of clear night skies which heavenly seemed
for those who failed, left slash and cairn
where one has gone more may fare

when only ends the means confirm
the human soul has ceased to yearn
till then may bold adventurers aspire
to ever lift his brethren higher

19 Comments to “failure – poem”

  1. Wow- failure! This is a biggie for me.

    For years I though I was a failure in almost e erything I did. After lots of hard work on myself that is no longer so, although it does creep up behind me now and again to try and knock me over.

    I look at it this way, if I fail it means I have tried, and if I kerp failing it means I keep trying. That ,I see as doing my best and these days that is all I ask of myself. What others think of me has ceased to be of imoortance. It all stems from a perfectionist trait and its taken a long time to realise doing my best is more important than being the best.

    I found your lovely poem a litle difficult to understand fully (i probably need to re-read) , the way it is worded, though I love the “old fashioned” language and I think I understood the overall meaning. I am so very new to poetry I still need rhings to be very simple! Its like I am in the very first year of school – i am 5 all over again!! Lol

    • thanks for reading and commenting. We are merely flesh and blood, and perfection will always elude us.

      I am glad you liked the poem, it stems from a horseback ride/hike near a glacier in Wyoming where cairns ( piles ) of stones marked the path on the treeless mountainside.

      Where others have gone, we can follow. And even if they don’t complete their task, it helps us along the way. Maybe their failure is the seed of our success.

      I am sure school will be fun. I too am a late starter. Here are three of my favorites: “Break of Day” by John Dunne, “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet, and any poem by Odgen Nash

      who are your favorites?

  2. Thanks for the detail which helps me understand your poem more.
    so far in my reading of poets I love Billy Collins, Mary Oliver and Robert Frost.

    I will check out yours. I haven’t t heard of Anne Bradstreet before so will be interesting! Something to look forward to 🙂

    • poetry is such a good place for emotion. In prose we try to say exactly, in poetry we try to be more ambiguous to all more meaning.

      One book that is helping me is an old textbook called “Sound and Sense” that helps one read and write.

  3. Well I never thought I could write a word but my diagnosis last year of MS and its rapid progression just catapulted me into wanting to write something, anything!

  4. Thank tou. Writing poetry helps me and thats the main reason I do it. But starting to share it with others is a delight and a bonus I didnt expect!

  5. Thank you thats great! I will watch out for your posts:)

  6. I hardly feel qualified to do this!

    • trust me, no one is more unqualified than me. It is just words… I assume you use them? ( smile )

      that means you have a different set and experience than almost anyone else. Why wouldn’t that be valuable ?

  7. Ok, I concede, what you say makes sense 🙂

  8. I was taught at an early age that its ok to fail at things, it shows your human and can only improve.

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