The Ring Finger On My Left Hand

by suicidallyanonymous

Current count of lies encircling
the ring finger on my left hand:
one hundred and twenty-two.

Faux metal purchased on a whim,
dispensed from a vending machine:
At the time it screamed “VEGAS”
and the world was spiderwebbed
in purple and gold beads.
What happens in Sin City…

And then I blinked:
The green has already airbrushed
a chlorophyll tattoo,
croaking out “tacky”;
regret is pinching the vein
that goes straight to my heart.

Peel back layers of sandpaper
to find a password-protected knot,
but the coding is all jumbled
-tell me a secret for instant access:

My heart is deceitful above all things,
because I tripped on the strings
to find myself brimming with false hope.
I thought the pounding in my chest
was a positive answer;
it was merely a fit of abstraction
rushing through my veins too fast.

I’ve been sleeping with my jeans on
and seatbelt unbuckled,
so I can leave before my regret wakes.
Leaving the past behind is simpler,
submerged in the rain water collecting
in the crevices of my heart.

I’m flicking away the expired
waterproof memories
fervently kept afloat,
because they’re sending
melancholy waves
to re-open my wounds.

I wish I could tell you what I feel,
but I’d be spilling glittery generalizations
that can be pared down with a spoon.
One is permitted to stick cliche’d toothpicks,
impaling their green-olive eyes…
only at the precise moment
when a Vodka Martini is obtainable;
shaken, not stirred;
-I might vomit.

Current count of lies encircling
the ring finger on my left hand:
one hundred and twenty-three.

5 Comments to “The Ring Finger On My Left Hand”

  1. Thank you SuAn and welcome to the corner

  2. I like this. Strong. Emotional. A lot of expressed feelings in a short, but not too short, work. I detect a fair amount of sadness in your life and I wish you well.

  3. Hummm! Pretty strong stuff.

    Gotta run … I’ll be back.

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