Cold Black Coffee

by Devina


The vapor has disappeared

From the rich dark liquid

That still sits before me

Growing colder by the minute

As the professor drones  on


Bitter to my tongue

It may be, but does

Nothing to keep me

From slipping beneath

My lids with its inviting

Darkness and warmth


Someone sneezes,

A cough, really,

Snaps me alert

For the billionth time

Another sip

I feel the spasms

As my face contorts

To the taste I’ve yet to acquire


Yet this wicked drowsiness,

The seductive delicious darkness

Kisses my droopy eyes

It utters whispered promises

Of sweet obviation

But the exiler in my cup

Draws me back out again

© Devina S.


2 Comments to “Cold Black Coffee”

  1. I don’t drink coffee 🙂 good to see you back.

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