Finding you Again

by Tiffany Layne

How could it be that we were both right here, but we were both alone?
Sleeping right next to each other, but facing separate walls
Allowing a space to grow between us, stealing our love.
And then you smiled at me from out of the blue,
And gave me that look, just like you used to do,
And nothing could be as wonderful as finding you again!
Now we’re dancing on the kitchen floor to the radio
Sleeping in each other’s arms, tangled up in love
Laughing again, now that’s what I missed most, those laughs!
It is so sweet to be falling in love, to be falling with you,
Too many times people run when the silence sets in,
But we didn’t let go, and now we’re finding us again.
Finding the love we lost, the laughs we lost, the time we lost,
Finding the hope we missed, the smiles we missed, the love we missed,
And nothing could be as wonderful as this!
Breaking the barriers, breaking the silence, breaking the cold,
Finding you again, and this time, I won’t let you go.

©2002 TiffanyLayne

16 Comments to “Finding you Again”

  1. What makes you consider this poetry? It is a seious question, no t a condescending one>KB

    • “Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response.” While I can write verses that adhere to particular rules, a poet can also write free verses that don’t necessarily follow a strict pattern. How is it not poetry??

      • I’ll take your word for it. Sorry to bother you.>KB

      • Poetry is a dance that takes place between the dancer and the music as the dancer hears it. The steps to the dance can never be mundane and they must entice the audience to sit on the edge of their seats to see what the next step will be. It should make the audience feel as if they had danced the dance. >KB

      • A lot of poetry has been written as “love letters” or as a way to mark a period or a time. Just because it didn’t particularly appeal to you doesn’t mean its not poetry…

    • I know what free verse is, but it is not prose–of course thres are prose poems. I am not looking for poetic feet, rhyme, specific meter, but there are ways of writing things in a poetic way, metaphor, images that speak to the issue at hand, turns of phrase–in short anything that makes the reading of a ‘poem’ interesting or else we are left with ordinary everyday speech which serves no purpose.>KB

  2. It’s lovely 🙂 How boring life would be if we all thought alike and wrote alike!

  3. I just read some of the comments above. To me, sharing a poem is like making the reader a friend and sharing an adventure, a secret, or a piece of our spirits together. I’ve learned that no matter the quality of the writer or the work, some will love and some will hate it. That freed me up to write what came to me, unfettered by rules, norms, and expectations of others. For what it’s worth, I enjoy your poetry. Thank you for sharing it.

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