Courtney’s Song

by Tiffany Layne

He smashes her heart, but she’s sorry.
He walks out the door, and she’s crying again.
His eyes are so cold, but she loves him,
His fists are so cruel, but he won’t do it again.

He gives her one smile, she forgives him.
He doesn’t need words, it was her fault anyway.
He taken all she’s got, but she owes him,
He’s destroyed her, but she doesn’t see it that way.

He blames her family, she stops calling.
He’s almost killed her, she can’t live without his love.
He buys a ring and she’s found her happiness,
He brings home a rose and she knows he’s the one.

She’s just your neighbor, but she’s my sister,
She’s not your daughter, but she’s my mom and dad’s,
Next time she cries, won’t you help her?
She should leave on her own but she can’t see it like that.

She won’t cry to me, because I’ll come calling,
She’s not ready to let him face my wrath,
But I’ll hold on the phone in case it starts ringing,
I’m the ones who loves her, why can’t she see it like that?

©2000 TiffanyLayne

**This gave me chills to read it again, twelve years later, she’s at the rock bottom. Now we know she’s bi-polar, and her struggles are deeper and wider than they’ve ever been. I still miss the little sister who used to be my very best friend…


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