by Tiffany Layne

From dusk until dawn, and all the night long
The memories dance through my mind.
I remember you and me and the way it used to be,
And I wish we could take a trip back in time.

Our first date, our first kiss, our first dance, the sweet bliss
Reminders of a heart that ached for only you.
Layers of cake, a white dress, vows made and sealed with a kiss,
Echoes of the dreams that actually came true!

The seven pound four ounce bundle of joy baby boy,
A symbol of love’s infinity swaddled in blue,
Sleeping next to the angel he knows as “Sissy”
The sweetest vision that makes me want to hold on to you.

Then the sun comes creeping through my window
Bringing to an end the movie playing through my mind
Stealing the tenderness I was remembering,
And I wake-up longing to go back to those sweet moments in time…

©2001 TiffanyLayne

It’s kind of funny to me that when I read these words I am instantly taken back to that point in time, when I wrote this, and it’s even funnier to think that there was a time when only two children were mine!

2 Comments to “Dreams”

  1. Lovely Tiffany how you go through your life.

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