Little One

by Tiffany Layne

Little one you were to be
                the symbol of our infinity,
Then you were gone one sad day
                and it ripped my heart away,
Late at night I still think of you
                 and the dreams that never came true,
I think of a love not fulfilled
                  there’s a sting of a pain that will not heal.

I never got to see your smile
                  or just hold you for a little while,
I think you would’ve had his eyes
                   as beautiful as the clear blue sky,
I never got to hold your hand
                   years have passed and I still don’t understand
I wanted you with all my heart
                    and you never had a fair start,
Little one, you never came,
                    but I loved you, just the same.

©1997 TiffanyLayne

3 Comments to “Little One”

  1. What a lovely tribute to an unborn child! I hope this didn’t happen to you, but I know it happens to all too many, leaving an empty spot forever.

  2. sooo sad, and well put …. sooo touchy

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