The End of Summer.

by Jen Thompson

Posted by Jen

The sun began to set,

The sparkle in her eyes faded.

It was one last venture,

Before tomorrow’s departure.

Trembling fingers fidgeted,

Twisted vines hung tight.

We looked down on glistening pools,

Sparkling diamonds dancing on the surface.

Her warm arm caressed my shoulder,

I was happy but ached all in the same moment.

Goodbye wasn’t an option,

My throat as dusty as the Plaines.

I remembered melted ice cream,

And kisses bathed in moonlight.

Her smiling face lost in ecstasy,

My mirrored image on hers.

Winds began to circle,

The calm was never to last.

Our eyes met that one last time,

Their sadness apparently sustained.

Words lingered,

Finger tips cried out to be touched,

Lips parted a desperate plea.

The act lasted only seconds,

But my pout remained tattooed.

One last nod came from her end,

As my shy hand waved back.

That was the end of our time,

My romance,

And for me,

The last time I ever saw Summer.


6 Comments to “The End of Summer.”

  1. when one doesn’t have the romance from any sort of situation, the longing certainly can compound over time. nicely done jen.

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