Life’s too short

by Devina

Via dailypositivequotes com

Accept it

You’re not immortal

Time on this Earth’s too short

So live while you can

Laugh while you can

As cliche as it might sound,

Follow your dreams

And in the process touch a few lives

Make a positive difference


Dance when the only music playing

Is the beating of your wings taking flight

And the hammering of your pulse

Sing like there’s no one listening

Make your voice heard over the

Noise of life being lived


Life’s to short not to love

It’s too short not to care

Too short to feel sorry for yourself

Too blinking short to be enough

Too short for a lot of things

Some are lucky to live as long as they have

Some are taken before their prime

Make use of time wisely

Be satisfied



The only thing we take

When we leave this earthly abode

We go in spirit

With memories and feelings

As our only luggage, no weight limit

Or at least I don’t think

St. Peter’s counting

He’ll probably say

Life may be too short

but it’s a hell lot too heavy

To weigh.

© Devina S.

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