The True Meaning

by berryflavoreddreams

To be unloved by you; I feel unloved by the world.

Seeing you with that woman; is seeing an angel speak to death.

Just a glimpse of you; is a view from top of the mountain.

A joke from you; are tickles in my heart.

A simple pat from you; is an encouragement for me.

When you speak; it’s the sound of the harp being played by an angel inside my head.

When you dance; it’s the frolic of pixies.

When you sing; it’s from the sweet air of the cold breeze.

When you long for her; I feel crushed by both ends of the earth.

Hold me; and I feel fairies caress my mortal flesh.

Your happiness; is the success I feel though I never had.

Your sadness; is the eruption of endless worries in me.

Your gestures; are movements that make pure joy.

Your laughs; are sound of droplets from heaven.

Your hands; when I hold them, it must be the feeling of touching the clouds.

Your eyes; are doors to a world I’ve never been.

And everything you do; are moments forever stored in my mind and in my heart.

2 Comments to “The True Meaning”

  1. I just posted one of my poems for the first time, The Game, kind of similar theme- those cheating hearts! Lovely work.

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