No choice

by timzauto

the sun shines high , the day is blue

labyrinths of life , filling days too

second dimension is calling our name

waste of this world , are we to blame

sitting with ease , we talk to appease

in these long lies , we start to believe

all that is said , just noise of voice

when this long days done, still no choice

This is a personal commentary but this election is by far the worse that I remember… Corporate america is taking over our country . We were founded with the ideal that if you have the ability to help this country it was your duty to do so . Now corporations just take from the unwilling and poor, rather than helping them . Our own banking system has turned against us ….WE NEED TO END THIS INJUSTICE ….


3 Comments to “No choice”

  1. I don’t want to get into a political discussion here (and Harry probably doesn’t want that as well, but I will point out that corporations can only take what people spend on their products and no one is forced to spend. Government can, and does, take from citizens via taxes. Personal responsibility values and drive is what founded this country and what can keep it strong; hard work and creating businesses to support yourself and those you hire create a strong and prosperous nation; people who are successful, churches and charities taking care of those who need help to move forward are more important and efficient in caring for the poor than the government.

    Dennis Prager has a wonderful statement–the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. I believe this to be true.

  2. I agree with you Janet no political discussions, but i’ll let this one stay.
    I love political discussions, i have had a few on my other blog 🙂 mainly with Americans.
    I agree with Tim’s statement but also yours, if thats possible.

  3. Great poetry into the political form.

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