Walk with me

by Wendy Strohm

Walk with me now towards the farm

And hold my hand in case of harm

I’ll lift you here over this stile

And in this field we’ll stay a while.

The cowslips nod their heavy heads

Waving within their weedy beds

And if you look closely here is more

Look over there down by the floor.

Can you see them sitting there?

All in a circle with a feast to share

The fairies are here ready to learn

And waiting patiently for their turn.

Each will stand with their story to tell

A tale as enchanting as if in a spell

A story of the home where they live

And all that it has to offer and give.

They listen in wonder and with awe

And laugh and clap and stamp for more

Proud they are and should be too

Dressed in colours of every hue –

White for thistle and sometimes pink

Buttercup is yellow – do you think?

Green for nettle and for grass

And rosehip red, not least but last.

The fairies there – no bigger than my thumb

Have feasted well to the very last crumb

Eaten every nut and each juicy berry

And drunk the nectar and oh so merry!

We’ll leave them now before we’re seen

And walk on where we have not yet been –

Let’s leave the fairies in all their charm

Walk with me now towards the farm.

©Wendy Strohm 2012

4 Comments to “Walk with me”

  1. I love fairies and I really enjoyed this poem. Thank you .

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