That tricky bird!

by sustainabilitea

I’ve been thinking about “my” cardinal lately ( as I haven’t seen or heard him.  This cardinal did not want to be photographed, which led to these limericks.  Enjoy!

Copyright 2012 janet m. webb

There once was a cardinal so red
Who liked to mess with my head.
When I’d sneak close by
He’d look me in the eye
And fly off to a new bush instead.

This next one has a nod to the Scots and the Canadians.

My cardinal’s a rare tricky bird.
The length’s he’ll go to are absurd.
When I’m ready to shoot
He kens what I’m aboot
And is off, making me look a nerd.

I was still playing around with the opening two lines of this and came up with another one.

My cardinal’s a rare tricky bird.
The lengths he goes to are absurd.
His song lures me out
But when I look about
He just can’t be seen, only heard.


5 Comments to “That tricky bird!”

  1. the cardinal is tricky to feed
    for he’s picky in choice of a seed
    we load the feeder with suet
    but that doesn’t quite do it
    When he’s hungry he’ll eat what he needs

  2. I would never tell less that the truth
    for it’s true that would be most uncouth
    in manner and decorum
    no matter what forum
    my words keep me somewhat aloof

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