Hotel room ..

by TarekOfCairo

In a leather bound elegance
proudly they declare
“We will make you feel at home” …

And I say …
It ain’t the tiniest bit like home..

Not with these incredible pillows
Or these milky creamy soaps
Frantically leathery slippery
Like all dashing hopes ..

And the diminutively bottled
fragrant shampoos, creams, gels …
Blah.. blah.. blah…..
With the narrow necks..

And oh, the towels …
Folded towels,
hanging towels,
rolled up towels ,
face towels ,
hand towels,
bottom towels and
the wrap around the globe towels ..
and we are told
In an elegant card..
With calligraphic font,
“Throw on the floor if used” ..
This way you save our planet
You are green…
Who would do this at home ..

And this nifty brilliantly white
The robe de chambre …
Of that you always have two ..
One for you
And one to scare your foes..
Or for a partner
If you have one of those ..

The disposable slippers
Crispy as toast should be
I butter them and eat them
in my suitcase ..and
Instead, I pull my very own tired slippers
The ones which knows
How to confines to my toes
They lie there ….
-the slippers off course-
in the middle of the room
upside down .. objecting, I presume..

And I fetch my hairbrush
The one with the bristles laden
With my fallen hair and years
With the Familial touch
The one which is to me
Is sooo hooome ..

I invade the neatness of
The stretched sheets, breaking
The icy shell and dive
into a delusion
Finally feeling a tiny wee
Like home …
Nothing , like home…


One Comment to “Hotel room ..”

  1. We did some traveling this summer and so many times I found myself wondering “do you think this bed would fit in my suitcase?”

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