fall in love? – poem

by billgncs

Is it possible to fall up ?

why do we fall in love
instead of rise
What makes my knees get weak
When you arrive?

I steel myself to be
So cool so calm
A warm inviting smile
Kills my aplomb

If love were really good
You’d think I’d find
Just once when you were near
I’d not lose my mind

It’s love that speeds my heart
brings out the sun
Fills our world with laughs
Of two as one

I didn’t fall in love
As I have found
It’s hard to tumble down
Floating high above the ground

4 Comments to “fall in love? – poem”

  1. Lovely Bill, i’m sure the Mrs liked it 🙂

  2. I love the joy and lightheartedness this conveys! 🙂
    Peace. ~Beth

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