The ants and my half cahew ..

by TarekOfCairo

Ants I know are tiny and creepy
Yesterday,they invaded my life
Crawling next, over and under me
And this is a true horror story
I woke up on what felt
Iike noise .. but it was not..
I couldnt see until next to it I knelt
And here it was my poor half nut …

Ants are munching my half cashew
Fifty of these bustards or so
Flocks of hairy bare feet came through
Some walking and some  even flew
I am not so clear,
What triggered the lunacy in me
Frenzy outburst and I could hear
Screams and shouts of a deadly spree
Poor ants squashed by my giant feet
Frantically chasing them like my enemies
I must have crushed some black heads
Gutted some, and some managed to flee
Next morning ..
I looked down to where I left the scene
Unease swept me of my feet
fathers, mothers and aunts of ants ,
I must have flushed also a queen..
Flushed away dismembered ants and half cashew ,
I could see, with no more ants on nuts to chew,
So triumphant and full of glee ..
the only debris left was me …

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