by Martin Shone

Sitting here
amidst the falling blossom
of night’s whispers
looking for the one
that is you

I look at the sky
and see endless
patterns of perhaps –
the magical blossoms
are you looking for the one
that is me

Walking now
through dampened grass
towards darkened woods
into curious shadows
I lean against
a friend
feeling its energy
and lo – there, dancing
are blossomy sprites
I smile
and imagine
your movements with mine

to the nests of nature
and beyond
I rest and sway
within the rhythms of blossomed wind
whereupon a warmth
touches my cheek
I wonder
is it your breath
kissing me goodnight

Blossoming light
pictures me
with you
and so
I step into the sky
to walk amongst the blossoms
to walk across the heavens
I step into the warmth –
into your arms

Looking up
you see a petal
falling –
I am
a petal in your heart
within blossoming love

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