Inner Child

by Bodhirose


Photo:  Google Images

Tossing and turning
in the lingering mugginess
of a summer’s night,
sleep is elusive.
Positioning myself in the
moonbeam pattern of light
playing across the bed,
I somehow now seem cooler there.

Staring out through the window,
far up into the sky,
I search for comfort, a savior–
there is none where I rest.
The loneliness gathers me up
and embraces me fully–
sorrow catches in my throat
as I muffle my sobs.
Dear God, where are you–
my prayer beseeches.
I’m lonely, so alone,
no one sees me…

4 Comments to “Inner Child”

  1. this poem makes me want to say, I see you, even though it is just through your words

  2. I really appreciate that, Bill. This poem came from the turmoil that I grew up with…I often felt invisible in that household. I don’t feel that way any longer but I can sure tap into that sorrowful place. I’m grateful for your support..thank you.

  3. Another beautiful poem Gayle, just beautiful xx

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