A Magnificently, Extraordinary Journey Indeed.

by Jen Thompson

Once upon a time I opened a book.

Beyond its pages is where I had to look.

Deep in the centre,

Was the World that I entered…

I fell down a rabbit hole,

To be greeted by my friend the mole.

As we walked people would shout ‘hello’,

The road we followed, the brightest of yellow.

I left him to the side,

As I took off for a ride,

On the most magnificent flying bed.

There was a girl under the cover,

She was waiting for her lover.

Slumber had taken her for one hundred years.

I heard it from Goldie and the three bears.

With the clouds open wide,

The green twisting stems had nowhere to hide.

I’d pay my friend Jack a little visit.

The bed flew out of sight,

As I tried with all of my might,

To walk the walk,

To climb the massive stalk.

As I reached the top,

I heard a humongous drop.

I knew what my mother would say,

There were big heavy footsteps coming my way.

I wished upon a star,

That my dreams would take me far,

Or at least take me to neverland.

I fell from the sky,

With tears in my eyes,

And awoke on a mattress of books.

I had just enough time,

To think up this little rhyme,

And allow you all to see,

As I wait for the tiger to come to tea…


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