How I Sleep With My Cat

by Bodhirose


Sita in her catnip patch

I’m sharing a bit of fun today.  I tackled writing about the very challenging art of sleeping (mostly not) with my cat, Sita.

shoo her
off my
side of the bed
turn off
light and
then address
the dark…
“excuse me
please, you’re
standing on
the quilt”, while
giving it a tug
settle in,
pulling up
the covers..

sigh deeply,
enjoying the
cool comfort
of the sheets
and the cradling
support of my
smell fish breath
and feel a rough
tongue lick my nose
hear loud, adoration-
filled purring
while kitty feet
march around
my head and
over my pillow,
jostling my head
as eyes adjust
to darkened room,
see cat
peering intently
into my face
make the mistake
of letting the cat
think I’m trying to
engage with her
quickly close eyes
feel a soft paw
on my eyelids
trying to coax
them open
pat the space
behind my
bended knees
and invite cat
to lay down
and go to sleep
feel cat pounce,
thinking it’s a game
feel tension rising
and a hot flash
throw off covers,
scaring cat
perching on
the far side of the
bed, cat acts
annoyed and
tries to ignore me…
ears give her away
cool down,
pull covers back up
and finally drift off
suddenly awaken
to more marching,
loud purring and
fish breath
muttering under
my breath, get up
and grab wide-awake cat
put her out
close door


5 Comments to “How I Sleep With My Cat”

  1. I absolutely love this!! Has someone shared a link of yours on fb because I have read it before very recently.I think it may have been Diane Denton who shared it. Anyway from one cat “owner”/lover to another I love this poem 😉

  2. Hahaha…so glad you did. Yes, my friend Diane shared it…so happy to meet another cat lover…I’m pretty sure they “own” us though! 🙂

    • They certainly do “own” us! As I type this I am using my IPad and usually rest it on a cushion on my knee. But Phoebe, one of my two feline friends sneaked her way onto it and pushed me and my IPad into a corner of the sofa! I am so not comfortable! Lol she now sits prettily upon patchwork! 🙂


  3. Yeah, they don’t seem to have any qualms about taking over our space if they should have “need” of it! I love cat stories!

    Gayle :~)

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