by Author

Words that diminish the
spirit by their force.
Or perhaps, his silence
does that better.

Dreams of acceptance
and love wither as reality
unveils itself. And you wake
up to darkness.

Jealousy, insecurity,
and silent death in those eyes. The
stranger’s eyes.

Portraying to be soft,
but denial claims its
toughness. The lake
of vanity is shallow indeed.

Giving in only to understand
it wasn’t needed only.
The misunderstood
words, spoken in another context.

Deliberately inflicting pain
on your soul. Knowing
it will murder your
insides. Brutally.

The awkwardness that
creeps in, when you realise
you were thinking otherwise.
And the silence that follows.

Hearing the last thing
you wanted to hear
from this person you
love. Kills.

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