The Girl with no Name.

by Jen Thompson


Heart strings taught,

Each finger strums a gut wrenching pang.

Voids are limitless,

Screams are deafening.

Black shadows crowd deserted hall ways.

My loneliness clings to every surface.

I’m drowning in my own pool of doubt.

Guilt spreads through veins,

Pulses quicken as isolation takes over.

No one can get close.

I’m a prisoner caged,

Emotions entrap me,

Blood spills deep.

Limbs throb,

Nails scratch,

A beautiful disaster in motion.

I cling to myself,

Afraid to let go,

The unknown cries to my body.

Drums burst as I fall to the ground,

A shivering mess of worthlessness.

Tears never dry,

My soul has flown away on wings.

A empty wasteland,

A house without windows or doors.

I violently retch,

Compulsions are extinct,

Shattered glass falls to my feet.

I climb into my box,

Followed by a lingering trail of repulse.

No one will hear,

No one will come,

At last the voices are still.

One Comment to “The Girl with no Name.”

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