She Sleeps.

by Jen Thompson

The covers are binding,

Breathing is elevated.

She tosses and turns,

Her universe is in peril.

Eyelids flicker subconsciously,

Sounds are deafening,

Feelings are heightened.

Nightmares control her,

Their venom spreads,

Her mind is tortured,

Her body exhausted.

Nerves twitch,

The air feels toxic,

She’s alone in her head,

Her silent screams,

Evaporate into nothingness.

Her face is hot,

Her feet are cold,

Her heart is a ticking time bomb.

Ticks get louder,

Tocks, they follow.

Her ears feel penetration.

A loud ringing sound,

She’s up like a bolt,

An alarm blaring,

There’s danger ahead.


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