More Than Forever

by blackandwhiteartist

MAYBE THERE are feelings that won’t go away
in my heart I knew it will forever stay
Coz there are things that we can’t forget
have it started the moment we met
A wonderful friendship we’ve built
ended by what? Now there’s guilt.

Look, what happened? I didn’t understand
just one day, upside down, it’s how it stand
Over the years we knew one another
new and newer lil secrets we gather
And yet something breaks the bond between us
since then, things started falling apart in a dust.

Remember the times you made me cry?
even the times when you just wanna try
You remember the times you being a gentleman?
even the times you are just you having fun
So much I see of you, and I know there’s more to you.

For all the jokes you have told
and all the thoughts you have mold
nothing really left my mind
dear, I’ll say, you’re one of a kind.

In my dreams you’re often there
as if you’re bringing me farther
lost in that place I call as dreamland
and there we are, you’re holding my hand
neither it was true, but still, it was you.

“maybe it won’t ever go away, coz there’s no other way,
just came and stayed, oh it’ll stay


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