On A Cold Night

by Sylvie


So it’s a cold night,

And your mind is not as empty,

As it once seemed to be,

When things were found,

So perfectly,

In harmony,

A kiss was just a kiss,

And a touch was a quick fix,

For the times you’d rather,

Share your space.

But now thoughts of her,

Permeate your mind,

This isn’t what you expected,

Yet that’s the way,

It seems to be.

Now that song is not a song,

It’s the story of her face,

This blanket is not a blanket,

It’s a cocoon you wrapped her in,

Your baby caterpillar girl,

And this photo is no longer,

Just a photograph,

It’s the one she loves,

Of you on the beach,

In England,

Stony pebbles under your toes.

When did this happen?

Well it’s a mystery,

And nobody really knows.

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