Our Love…

by Jen Thompson

Our Love…

Our love is invisible yet I,

See it, feel it, hear it every day.

Our love can move mountains,

Can part seas and climb trees.

Our love binds us together,

And still we are both set free.

Our love protects us from dangers,

And embraces us with its passion.

Our love was once an obsession,

An all consuming heart of fixation.

Our love now is nurturing,

An approving glance,

 An encouraging smile.

Our love takes us beyond the stars,

To the moon and back,

To forever, straight through infinity.

Our love makes us cry,

Our hearts shatter into pieces.

Our love glues it back together again,

Commitment, integrity are all part of its mixture.

Our love gets us through the bad times,

Its promises guide us to the good times.

Our love has joined our souls together,

No breakup could be strong enough.

Our love taught us about one another.

We fight for and adore the same team.

Our love will be forever,

That I will always know.

There’s something so amazing,

So magical about it,

Our Love…


4 Comments to “Our Love…”

  1. This is just beautiful and exactly how love should be. Together but both still free! 🙂

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