Little Ted.

by Jen Thompson

Little Ted was purchased the day that Sarah was born.

He had fluffy fur, buttons for eyes, and was anything but worn.

She took to him immediately, with little squidgy fingers.

He lay with her, had tea with her, once they were even famous singers.

Little Ted and Sarah were the best that friends could be.

They went to school and ate their greens,

And sometimes sailed the seven seas.

If Sarah got scared,

Well Little Ted, he was there,

Protecting her from scary monsters, telling them to beware.

But it wasn’t to last.

Sarah the child grew up too fast.

Little Ted was all a fluster,

But he had to muster –

the strength to watch his good friend slip away.

The bed they once shared had changed overnight.

All traces of childhood vanished, Little Ted kept out of sight.

Boys would come and go; Sarah had the tears to prove it.

Little Ted wished he could help her, He wished that she’d know it.

Watching her from his hiding place, Is how his days were now spent.

Gone were all their adventures, gone was their cement.

Little Ted kept a brave face; he knew their day would come.

When she’d cling to him once more and they go off and have some fun.

Sarah, she got married and her belly began to grow.

Little Ted was excited; things looked like they had before.

A crib was in place and new toys filled every space,

A singing mobile and the hanging of delicate lace.

To be played with again was all that Little Ted wanted.

To be cast aside again were his dreams that were haunted.

Sarah came with babe in arms and greeted her old friend.

He was stained and worn with age, and needed a good mend.

She kissed him gently before handing him over.

‘My dearest Little Ted, meet your new friend Clover.’

2 Comments to “Little Ted.”

  1. I sometimes wish I had kept my childhood ‘Ted’ for my daughter but she has hers and I will remind her to keep it for her child one day 🙂 Lovely poem!

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