Baby’s Arrival.

by Jen Thompson


Thoughts buzz around in my head,

I’m slurred.

All around me faces look down.

I feel like I’m spinning.

They tell me to push,

And I try to listen.

My body does it regardless,

Whilst my head is away with the clouds.

I put the gas to one side,

I’m one suck away from slumber land.

Time to concentrate,

Time to get it out.

I look to the side, You’re there,



Your words of encouragement,

Filling my skies with hope.

Mixed emotions bubble up inside of me,

There’s nowhere left for them to go, but out.

With the final struggle,

The final push,

I set them free with an eruption of desire.

I feel relief,

I’m back in the present.

I listen for your screams.

You fill the room, with your shuddering screams.

I’m in my element.

You’re thrust upon my chest,

A little beating heart upon mine.

Right there in that minute,

All the faces disappear.

I’m standing in a meadow with you in my arms,

You already have that baby smell.

A gentle touch to my wrist,

The fantasy evaporates.

I realise the one here is better.

Tears in his eyes,

He kisses my head.

Pride is spread across his face,

In a mouth of pearly whites.

I could stay in this moment forever.

My perfect little family.

You, the perfect new edition.

Your tiny grasp around my finger.

My tears now begin to fall.

Each delicate drop that touches you,



and above all else love.

Nothing else matters now,

Now you are LOVED.


6 Comments to “Baby’s Arrival.”

  1. this feels very real, what a joyful poem! =)

  2. What a beautiful poem! I have tears in my eyes. And what a day to read this while I await news of the arrival of a baby grandchild today (or maybe tomorrow!) xx

  3. Jen its great to see you back after so long and with such a lovely poem.

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