A Whole Lot Like Me

by Tiffany Layne

***I wrote this to my oldest son about a year ago. He sometimes has a hard time accepting that we adopted 4 more kids, he feels lost in the shuffle. But he always hangs out with Daddy, does everything my husband does, and everyone tells him he looks like his Dad, he acts like his Dad, he is a chip off the old block, but sometimes, I see me in him, because he has a tender-hearted side that I know he got from me, and I wish he could see it too, or at least know that he has a little of his Mama in there as well! And even when it’s crazy hectic in this house with seven kids, I never ever forget about him!***

I watch you standing there, in the corner of the room
You’ve got so much to say but you just don’t want to
be the center of attention because everybody stares!
So you just stand alone thinking nobody cares…
But there’s so much going on and what you don’t see
is at the center of it all, you’re a whole lot like me!

Inside you’re so outgoing, but on the outside you seem so shy…
You always hide your tears because you don’t want to see me cry,
You feel so lost, but baby I found you long ago!
Let all my love surround you and maybe then you’ll know
There’s so much going on that you might never see,
and at the center of it all, you’re a whole lot like me!

I never meant to make you think you had to hide your pain,
So much I would do differently if I could do it all again,
Somehow you have so many gifts, more than you’ve ever shown,
And I know you can shine ever brighter than we’ve ever known,
I’m so proud of the boy you are, of the man we’re gonna see,
You’re definitely your father’s son, the man he taught you to be,
There’s so much going on but I’ve got to stop and smile,
because at the center of it all, you’re just like me every once in a while!



2 Comments to “A Whole Lot Like Me”

  1. i can understand this a great deal. i was probably a lot like my mother. you could say i developed other things to hide the emotive in me. such as; egotistic and arrogant. someday, maybe he will see that being a little emotive might attract a really nice lady as well. just a take on my part. great piece!!

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