Trapped inside my head.

by willowdot21

Black to the left of me black to the right above and below me too, all around is endless night.

photo credits google images

Am I dreaming am awake, this constant gnawing at my soul is getting more than I can take.

The more I struggle the more it hurts I scream and I shout in the silence   my mind disconcerts.

Am I alone in here I do not know I reach out my hand and I feel around slow. There is nothing to feel only darkness. I am not sure if anything is real

No don’t you give up now, you must not sleep whatever is happening your conciousness you must keep.

Tired, tired I am so painfully tired but I must not sleep. If I do the monsters will rip my out my senses, I need them I need them, my senses I must keep.

Tied down, I am tied down. It feels like there are tubes  in and out of me running to ground. Lost, I feel lost why cannot I  see, why isn’t anyone looking for me. Light, I see a light that I cannot reach.Black to the left of me black to the right above and below me too, all around is endless night.

5 Comments to “Trapped inside my head.”

  1. Oh I really loved this, especially the form! I do think that the ending doesn’t really fit the general atmosphere of the poem though, the last line gives me a sort of comical feel.

    • Hi Melanie Thank you so much for stopping by and I am glad you like the poem. Yes maybe that last line is a tad twee but I though it showed desperation! Maybe it is relief that it is only a poem that made you smile. I cannot think of anything else that could scare me more. 😉 xx

      • Oh I see! Well personally I think it’ll be better if you just continued the style of the rest of the poem! (for some reason the last line makes me think of some overly dramatized, cheesy romcoms haha)

    • Do you know I think you are right , I do not want to come over all cheezy , I shall go and have a look at it now !! I did not answer before but I am in and out of the room today.. right a little do cheezing needs to be done.

    • I have had a rejig , any better?

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