This life. What life?

by EpiphanytoWrite


Since, all we see now is misery, pain and darkness in the world, one can imagine how pointless life’s are becoming, everyday, bullying and all such crimes or perhaps sins have flooded what we used to call, “Our Planet”. It doesn’t seem like “Our Planet” anymore, does it? Talking from the general (public) point of view, whatever is left is discrimination in this world and no one really cares about anyone unless he’s got some thick load of cash in his pockets which he’ll be kind enough to “share”? I don’t think “share” is the right word here. That’s what this short little poem (or a stanza if I don’t procrastinate and work it over) is about.

Already posted it with a different name but I gathered, this one suits best.

“Better die than live in such a world of hatred,
for at least the heart could find peace therein.
For the sake of the soul,
which, is being, dismantled herein.”

~Umar Tayyab.

But, come to think of it, no one actually cares if a single life is lost. That’s what this world has become. Lifeless. Caring only about money and pride and money again. Love, is just too pointless. Now.


2 Comments to “This life. What life?”

  1. Indeed that’s so sad. It’s so sad that life has been reduced to these material needs. What about love? Care? Feelings and true relationships are vital too.

    • Exactly the point I’m trying to make. People, and their selfish desires; the trend goes on and on and love? Love is just something pointless. Doesn’t matter anymore. Only reason the world’s suffering. Corruption everywhere, discrimination on top of all. No unity, nothing at all. It’s all so sad.

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