hero — a poem prompted by reason2rhyme

by billgncs

Karen at reason2rhyme has suggested we write a poem to tribute a hero. Stop by and give it a try.

just words to some
who have never known the darkest times

though Britain stands alone
through will and bulldog grit
infuses strength into the nation they call home

Against all odds protecting moor and meadow
a nation gaunt and grim
defiant beneath death and slavery’s shadow

rallied from beneath the blitzkrieg’s blow
“we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender”
When just across the Channel lies the foe

young men soar again, again into the sky
in hurricanes and nimble spitfires
defend the coast no rest just fly or die

at the cost in men that must come due
“never in the field of human conflict
has so much been owed by so many to so few”

hard won, still free at last
but at the cost of Britain’s empire
cast aside reminder of a painful past

no longer taught in schools
a passing relic
a meaningless event, an ancient fool

some are born when need arises
step to the breach the gap to fill
greatest of his generation


* quoted passages are from speeches by Winston Churchill, 1875 – 1965

4 Comments to “hero — a poem prompted by reason2rhyme”

  1. Dear Billgncs,

    One of the best poems I’ve read and I’ve read a few. Dead serious, in case you think I’m waxing trite. I am not. Very, very good poem about a hero of mine, of my father and of many in the world who still yet know what was at stake.



    • thank you very much. This means alot to me. He is the greatest man of his generation. Not perfect, but great.

      I read on the internet that he is rarely taught in schools now and it was a great sadness.

      My favorite book on him is Winston Chirchill, based on the diaries of Lord Moran ( his personal physician ) — Bill

  2. Bill he was a great man in his time, ask a 15 year old who he is and you will see a blank mind.

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