Flight with the Doves

by willowdot21

First the white foundation warm and just the right texture to stick to her face it’s colour causing consternation.

Then koal black applied around, above and below the eyes. Black, black as the night looking so stark against the white.

Lips now red as a rose or more to the point, the colour of blood as it flows from the heart emptying  a soul of life. The end of mortality the end of strife.

Brush the hair a hundred times, it will dazzle everyone the Moon it will outshine, it dazzles, it blinds.

Now at last the green and flowing dress the one that displays her figure best. It compliments her eyes and hair . Where’re ere she goes folk stop and stare.

Opening the window she looks out on the night. She sees a flock of doves spread their wings and take to flight. The roses round her windows give off a sensitive scent but tonight she refuses to smell it, for tonight she has but one intent.

She looked in the mirror and detested what she saw she had done this every night for ten years and she refused to do it any more. Taking in a deep breath she left the room she hurried to the stables and took her stallion from the groom.

No longer would she be the plaything of fat and smelly men, no more would their hands search her inner parts no more would she spread her legs and ice over her heart.

Then it was she saw them again that flock of doves. She spurred her horse toward the cliffs and took off into the night as the doves did the same above. She whispered an apology to her faithful steed. I am sorry she whispered into the horses ear “I can no longer stand the life I lead”

They found her in the morning smashed to pieces on the rocks her body once so perfect was sadly smashed and bruised but at last she was free and could be no more used……………..

8 Comments to “Flight with the Doves”

  1. I still can’t get used to it being poetry, and good to see you again.

  2. that was beautiful… I very much enjoyed the images you painted with your words

  3. Beautiful and very sad…

  4. love this piece here. that last line was all power and felt as if it had come out of me as well.

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