by Martin Shone

I inhale the smoke of desire
I exhale
to see it glide
where whispers
of hair
should grow
it nestles and
smoothes over dimples
dimples that
twitch and
ever so slightly
in their
at receiving the smoke of desire.

6 Comments to “Dimples”

  1. Been there for years Martin but its not a pleasure any more.

  2. Martin, I always look forward to your pieces. You have a way with writing that many should look-at as an example. Your writing allows readers to feel-while at the same time you give us just a little bit of information without over telling. Secondly, you avoid the use/overuse of rhyme which can detract from the inner beauty of the poem.
    But i don’t have to tell you this-because you know 🙂

    Good work and thanks for inspiring others.


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