Wish –

by Sorrows In A Serenade

I wish I could sing you the songs of the seasons.
The flaming warm summer, the lively spring.
The coppery transformation of autumn, the silver cool of winter.

I wish I could tell you stories of life and death
The birth of a winged dream,
The sorrows in a serenade.

I wish I can lie beside you.

I wish I could paint you a picture of a morning walk
In the forest where oak trees guard
By the river where the weeping willows bow

I wish I could capture the rays of the sun
A gift threading our memories
An effervescence forever.

I wish I can lie beside you.

I wish I could hum the flowing notes of a nightingale
A lullaby to accompany your dreams
A serenade that melts your heart

I wish I could collect the first drops of dew
To celebrate a fresh. Beginning.
To. Be bound to you. Forever.

I wish upon the stars, upon the bright moon,
I wish upon the fiery sun, upon the light breeze,
I wish upon the rainbow, upon the fluffy clouds,
I wish upon the awakening of buds and the rain showers

I wish I can lie beside you.
Your warmth by mine,
not buried ten feet underground.

that’s the place where dreams die.
Where souls rest.

That’s the place where I want to go.

I plunge a knife a feet into my heart.
I plunge my soul ten feet underground,

I wish I can lie beside you.
I can.


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