Snow Leopard

by Bodhirose

Posted by Bodhirose

Photo:  Snow (permission given for personal use)

Hidden, rare, you escape our questing eyes
Dizzying altitudes are where you lay
Tibetan mountains offer sly disguise
Shadows darkened blend with your spotted gray
While romping blue sheep are your choicest prey
Slate-stone, thick, heavy coat…wide, padding paws
Keep you fixed… and warm…as you slink away
Naps on the cliffs, yawning jaws..stretching claws
Cunningly clever..don’t allow a glimpse
Seen, if you allow, but only a peek
Blending, perfectly still…as if a sphinx
Himalayan, craggy mountainous peaks
Elusive, secretive…you raise our pique
Gone as we seek…our eyes are playing tricks
Ghostly legends tell of your tale unique
By monks, lamas and those who light joss sticks

Photo:  Google Images; Bharal or Blue Sheep

Huitain form


2 Comments to “Snow Leopard”

  1. lovely poem for a mysterious animal. Enjoyed it very much

  2. Thank you, Bill..I’m fascinated by these incredible animals…

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