by Bodhirose


Photo:  Google Images

one love was dead
then I met you…
resurgence of feelings
brought me to life
my nerves were shot
from stress and strain
but my soul was soothed
when you hugged me tight

you listened, you cared
and heeded my boundaries
respecting my need to
take things slowly
but I surprised myself
when I made the move
to take things further
…I wanted you
no longer caring
no longer enabled
to something dead,
hurtful, despairing
my beliefs changed
during that time,
we’re not intended to
remain wedded to strife
so onward I soared
leaving madness behind
traveling happier…
becoming mine

4 Comments to “Becoming”

  1. very nice, passionate… with deep feeling

  2. I appreciate that…thank you.

  3. I know this feeling….it’s glorious isn’t it….

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