My Problem

by Devina

I’ve got a problem

She’s difficult, stubborn and insecure

Sometimes pathetic sometimes strong

She means well and tries to be good

Has a long way to go

She often feels misunderstood

But she fails me time and time again

Thinking about it only gives me a migraine

I wonder when all this trying will bear fruit

Or will this problem will be my undoing

But I must have faith and courage to carry on

Because ’tis for life I’m bound to her

What a trial it is for she angers me so

Tears of frustration and disappointment

Soaks up boxes of ill fated tissue

Yet her little virtues and healthy imagination

Makes me glow

I do my best to accept her for her

To cheer her on to be the best she can be

For you see this isn’t just anyone

Because my problem

Is me

© Devina S.

8 Comments to “My Problem”

  1. I think she will be just right!

  2. Ah! I know what that feels! 😀

  3. “The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. Self-realization demands very great struggle.” Swami Sivananda

    Loved the way you weaved this piece….
    Peace & Light

  4. Oh how I recognise those feelings.
    Beautifully written – the battle of ‘within’ each small victory a triumph.

    So enjoyed.
    Poppy ~xx~

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