Gypsy Girl

by Sylvie


Skinny legs
and big brown boots
gypsy skirts
swinging in the wind
dancing over water
mud on her knees
lost in herself
her mind on the river
the river on her mind
finding beauty in sadness
and love in the madness
her gifts are better than mine

and her mind is stronger
Her thoughts make her wiser
her movements lither
and she knows
one day
her children will learn
the lessons she has learnt
they will cry
at the sorrow she has seen
and laugh at the wonders
of her life
She has traveled
she has marveled
her eyes have been opened
Gypsy girl
lifting her skirts
and shaking her hair
through the troubles
of her life.

2 Comments to “Gypsy Girl”

  1. nicely done and has some nice images.

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